The London Challenge Cup


Presented in 1961 by Thorbjšrn Enstršm



1. Teams


Each society may enter one or two teams of six players - best five scores qualify - who must be members of that Society. Handicap limit is 17 for men and 23 for ladies.


A country may add other nationalities, provided they do not have any other members. I.e. if they have more members, even with higher hcps, they must use these, but at the hcp limit stipulated. They may then temporarily invite other countries' members (a maximum of two players) to help them fill up the team number.


Closing time for entries of the teams is 18.00 hours previous to the day of the competition. List of names of players to be lodged one hour before starting time.


Only one team from each country will qualify for the final rounds. The captain/s of the country nominate which of the teams entered to represent the country in the semifinal round.


Only members of the same team (six players) may be changed between the qualifying round and the match play rounds.


2. Form of play


In the event of four or less countries entering, the teams play each other by match play as provided for in Rule  4.


In the event of five or more team entries,  play consists of a qualifying round and then semi-final and final rounds as provided for in Rule 4 and 5.


3. Qualifying round - Stroke play


The teams play a qualifying round of 18 holes Stroke play (Sweden Challenge Cup).


The aggregate of the five lowest net scores is the team qualifying score. In the event of a tie, the aggregate of all six scores will count. In the event of a further tie, the individual with the lowest net score will decide, then the second lowest score and so on to the last player.


The four countries returning the lowest qualifying scores will enter the final rounds of match play.


4; Semi-final and final - Match play


The teams consisting of five players will play each other by Match play in order of handicap over 18 holes singles. Each match between the societies is decided by the number of points scored by the individual members of a team. All matches to be played to a finish unless the result is already determined. The team with the most numbers of victories is the winner.


In the semi-final, the winner of the qualifying round plays the third best team and the runner-up plays the fourth best team. The winning two teams meet in the final.


5. Result


The winning Society of the final matches is the Champion for the year and the London Challenge Cup is held by the winning Society until the next competition.